A chicken story
Early Morning Rooster Crow

We spent 4 hours walking from the main road of Salubarani to my village, Minanga. Instead of having a truck ride with long miles and bumpy road on a scary cliff range, we took a shortcut. In our tradition, it is a common way to take a walk crossing the rivers, pine forest, clove trees and hilly land. Anyway, this not an adventure family story, but an end of a chicken story in the highland. I’m sorry, my bad ^_^

A chicken story

A chicken story
Mount Latimojong’s Ridge, The Rooster, and Morning Sunshine

Misty afternoon, darkening sky, sunshine fading replaced daylight into night slowly. Silence night came faster. A rooster crowed and woke me up instantly just before the sun rising. I got out of bed and walked closer to the window. I saw a shining sunshine illuminated and a rooster with its colorful feathers stared at my sleepy face.

The next day, Muslim celebrated ‘Ied, an annual feast of Islamic society after a month fasting. I visited the village only in every 5 years and traveled for a family gathering. What happened next? A goodbye to my previous day living alarm “The Rooster”. Only lived a year and ended up in a hungry tummy. It reminded me a memory!

A chicken story
The rooster is slaughtered


I had a rooster back in the old day, it was hatched 2 years after I was born. A strong big rooster, most of Indonesian named it Ayam Bangkok, chicken varieties which farmed in Bangkok, Thailand. The rooster was too strong to fight. Instead of taking it to the cockfight, my father raised it.

After 8 years, my lovely rooster died. I was too sad to eat its meat. No more crows every morning. Finally, its legacy has come to an end, an eight years rooster let its meat decomposed by the soil, not in a dinner table.

Nowadays, I don’t eat too much chicken. ^_^


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