Sunset Point TakaBonerate

Writing a life story of a death traveler you’ve met doesn’t mean he has an endless visit and been to many places. Being a traveler to others means you have no wall to climb, no power to reduce, no stories to compete, no plan to cancel and no happiness to  shut down!

We do travel and leave our legacy to others! We enjoy the view, satisfy with experiences we’ve got and even happy with the money we’ve earned. But, it doesn’t mean we have no time to say a single hello, sharing stories or even laugh out loud not for granted with someone who we’ve traveled with.

A friend of mine passed away. I only met him several times and traveled only twice to an Isolated island and an active volcano in Malang back in 2011. Several months before he passed away, he chatted me on facebook asking me “How are you?”. He told me he was going to a festival in Takabonerate, a place where I spent 7 months having an intern but we never did a trip together to that place.

After his death, many friends uploaded chatting screenshots on their timeline saying goodbye and quoted quite the same sentences in meaning.

“A Brave-heart who will lend a hand, a nice guy who will start a conversation on your first meet and the one who will say “Hello” even after 5 years in long distances.”

He left his legacy to many young men like me, he did a good job sharing meaningful value being a traveler. He never be on TV or newspaper in person. He only has pictures on social media and places within everyone’s heart saying “Oh, I know him . . . A really overwhelming guy.”

Thanks for making our day, thanks for the never ending conversation and endless help. It was easier to say hello than to say goodbye, I bid farewell to you. Send our best regards to the angel!

Rest in peace Ridho Amal


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