Travenesia was founded by two passionate young people. Hamka and Jenny, a travel mate who always dream and learn, think and wish, feel too much. Have lots of passion for traveling around the world. It is a very big place, we saw only small part of it, might not be finished in one life journey, and we’re dying to see more about it.

Though we live in the different place, have different passion and goal, but one thing for sure, WE LOVE INDONESIA AND WE PROUD OF IT! That’s the reason why Travenesia was born for a humble mission: to make you sure that wherever and whenever we are, no matter how great other countries we’ve been to, Indonesia will always in our heart, place where we were born, grew up, where we suppose to be. Not just a travel blog, dude! Indonesia has lots of great things to share, even the bentor!

Live in a different place doesn’t mean it’s difficult for us to travel together. Yes, we make our own journeys, but if we have the time why don’t we set the date and meet somewhere? So pack the bags, buy the tickets and go! Explore Indonesia and show the uniqueness to the world!


Hamka Rasufit

A geek, a guitarist, a photographer. Hamka grew up in Makassar, was born on the 4th of May 1989 and in 2004 he left the island of Sulawesi to go to Sumatra followed by Kalimantan then Java. He currently resides in Malang since 2008, to travel all around Java hiking and camping. He studies I.T at a university in Malang. In 2011 he participated in a student exchange program traveling the United Kingdom for 3 weeks. In the U.K he visited both England and Wales for intercultural exchange and also enhancing his photography skills during his travels. Apart from photography, Hamka’s other hobbies include; playing the guitar, web design and of course traveling. As the web designer and skilled photographer, he hopes to show the beauty of Indonesia not just seen through pictures and videos but by one’s own eyes.

Hamka has over 5 years of professional experience as photographer and graphic designer for various advertising companies and clients from all around Asia and Europe. His goal is to communicate customer service, start-up or product in the simplest, most beautiful and effective manner. He is experienced in conceptualizing, taking breath-taking photos and design a beautiful catchy design. He uses Premier Pro, Final Cut, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Corel Draw. With his knowledge and experience, He is ready to deliver top-quality images, design, and videos.

With a great idea to design this site, Hamka collaborates it by his eyes to capture awesome pictures. His favorite words: “Meet me at the border!


Jeanne Svensky Ligte

A coffee addict, an adrenaline junkie, a singer bathroom. Jenny lives in Makassar and studies industrial engineering. She’s also a part-time worker as a tutor who teaches Bahasa Indonesia. Like to spend her time by sitting in a corner of park with book and ice cream. Loves beach and waterfall, lots of passion about an underwater view, rapids, and bungee-jumping! Has a weird obsession about the reptile. Born as a half Netherlanders with a not-so-Indonesian name doesn’t mean she would rather be a European. “The best fact that God gave to me is I was born to be an Indonesian.”

Jenny writes articles on this site and lets her brain to make some weird concepts. Dream to be a journalist and writer for National Geography Traveler. Her favorite words: “Bring me to Eiffel, I’ll tell you there!”

Toraja Traditional Costum
Wearing Toraja Traditional Costume