Living in Makassar means there’re two nearest places around that city to enjoy your weekend, which one you feel more interested. Visit Malino if you need fresh air from mountains village, or pack your sunglasses then go to Bira. Because it is dry season now and I (Jenny) love beach so much, we chose the second one. Here we go!!!

Welcome weekend!

Bira Beach, also known as Bira Cape, is a place where you can feel the flour on your feet. Are we kidding? We aren’t. That’s the most interesting point of this beach, because its white sand which really smooth as you feel it as flour or powder. Even because the beautiful sand people take them to home, as my Mom did when she was there ten years ago for her plastic flower bouquet and made it as the soil. Don’t worry people, we’re not took it to make some bread! LOL 😛

Okay, back to the trip! Takes about five hours by car to get there, never close your eyes or fall asleep during the journey. On your way will through several regencies with different views, let’s say rice fields in Takalar, live view to Mount Lompobattang in Bantaeng, or salt ponds in Jeneponto. Good beginning for your eyes!

As every beach, most activities in Bira are about swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and diving. With its very beautiful view, believe in us, you’ll never want to leave. So take your time! Afternoon is the best moment to enjoy Bira as the sun sets at the right side of the beach. Spend that time by playing volleyball and make sand castle. Or are you going with your lover? That would be sooo… romantic!

I know you’re on holiday but don’t wake up late, or you’ll miss how blue sky harmonized the turquoise sea in the morning! Yes, we back again in the morning and find how glorious the coast with banana boat and fisherman who just came back with – when you’re lucky – octopus! What about night? Don’t sleep earlier and bring your telescope, that’s stargazing time and enjoy the serenity!

Well, talking about beach never perfect without its underwater view. But we won’t tell you now as we’ll make that story as other part about. Yes, we owe you for that, and promise will update it soon. So keep reading and stay tune! Have a nice weekend!

[tabs style=”2″]
[tab title=”Why should be there?“]Its white sand and beautiful sunset make many people called Bira as the second Kuta Beach in Bali. We don’t think so, Bira is more beautiful! Too good to be missed![/tab]
[tab title=”Where?“]Bira Beach located at the southernmost of Sulawesi Island, precisely in Kecamatan Bonto Bahari, Kabupaten Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It’s about 200 kilometers from Makassar or 40 kilometers from Bulukumba Town.[/tab]
[tab title=”When to visit?“]It’s a beach. Visit it around April-September when sunny will cheer you up. Enjoy the beach in the morning to beat the wave and play banana boat or get romantic moment with the sunset in the afternoon. Want something different? Bring your telescope or binoculars at night there, that’s time for stargazing![/tab]
[tab title=”What to do?“]Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, playing beach-volleyball, making sand castle,… you name it! Or rent a motorcycle and go to Tana Beru to see how Buginese make the great ship of Phinisi.[/tab]
[tab title=”Who’s to contact?“]

  • Salassa Guest House  +62 81 24 265 672

Eriq, the owner, is a Buginese who can speak English, French, and Dutch because he used to lived in Europe for two years. A very helpful person and can direct you for any activity in Bira. Also could have you to arrange boat for snorkeling.[/tab]
[tab title=”How to get there?“]

  • Take a Panther, Kijang, or Innova at Terminal Malengkeri in Makassar which will go directly to Bira Beach. It takes about 5-6 hours.
  • To get back to Makassar ask your hotel/guest house to book the seat the day before you’ll leave, they’ll arrange your transportation to go back.
  • Public transportation available until 3 PM. If you want to back to Makassar after that time you have to rent a car. Price depends on your bargain skill.

[tab title=”How much to spend?“]

  • Bira Beach entrance fee: Rp5.000,-/person
  • Car from Terminal Malengkeri directly to Bira Beach: Rp50.000,-/seat
  • Car from Bira Beach back to Makassar: Rp50.000,-/seat
  • Guest house: starts from Rp75.000,-/night
  • Main course meals: starts from Rp15.000/net
  • Snorkeling kit: Rp30.000,-
  • Buoy rent: around Rp3.000,- to Rp5.000,-
  • Motorcycle rent: Rp50.000,-/day (manual); Rp60.000,-/day (matic)
  • Car rent: Rp500.000,-



    • The public transportation is available everyday and you can get it at Terminal Malengkeri. You only pay around IDR. 50.000 😀 and you can stay at Salassa Guest house for a cheaper price 😀

  1. could you help me make itinerary?
    I arrive Hasanudin airport at 01.00 AM….
    Do makassar have night tours?
    Next day i want go to Bantimurung for half day,
    what kind transportation should i use?
    After that,,,,i plan go to bira beach from bantimurung…
    need your sugesstion for transportation.
    TQ 🙂

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