How lucky we are. Three weeks ago we got ‘golden tickets’ from Wego Indonesia to attend Jazz Gunung 2012 di Bromo and we just went back from it! As what we owe to write about that event so here it is:

Jazz Gunung is a music performance featuring jazz and ethnic which held every year at around mountain with about 2000 meters above sea level, on the outdoor stage with nature background of mountain, sky, and fireflies around at night near Bromo Tengger Semeru national park. This is a unique concept of a concert which usually it held in a hall or field with stage and dry ice, but Jazz Gunung offer ‘a real life stage’ with harmonizing music, nature, and human. Oh, and the fog to change the dry ice, LOL.

This year was the 4th times Jazz Gunung held in Bromo, also the 1st time they performed the show in two days (July 6th-7th, 2012) at open stage of Java Banana Bromo, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java. Every singer made their own style to turn on the aura of jazz in the cold atmosphere of the mountains. Ring of Fire asked the audience to sing Indonesia Pusaka with them and the end of their performance to made us realize how beautiful this country. Iga Mawarni was successfully rocking the stage by singing I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing and Right Here Waiting in jazz version. And of course, they saved the best for the last, Tompi and Glenn Fredly! How they mix their own songs and sing together with a super awesome band made that night was the best concert we’ve ever seen! (as Jenny said, I’ve got ‘ear-gasm’ because of this! :P)

So, who says the concert is always about stage, hall, and dry ice? Or do you still think that it’s impossible to travel and watch luxurious jazz at the same time? Jazz Gunung is where travelers meet musicians and when melody can beat the cold of mountain atmosphere. As we said so we won that tickets, watching Jazz Gunung is to see how God works in details while human harmonize it with enchanting music. What can I say? Wonderful!

Lots of thanks to @TravellerKaskus, @BPC_Jogja, and Electronic Engineering students from ITB for short-but-memorable-moment. See you on the next night walking! 😉

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