What do you think about the carnival? Parade, colors, and tons of fun! When Mardi Gras known as the biggest carnival in the world, don’t you know that Indonesia has the fourth? Yes, it’s Jember Fashion Carnaval! As we just went back from our East Java trip, we put this event on our list and for God’s sake, it was a very right decision!

Jember Fashion Carnaval is the fourth biggest carnival in the world after Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro Carnaval in Brazil, and Fastnatchkoln in Germany. Also known as JFC, the world said that this carnival is the longest catwalk in the world (about 3,6 kilometers). This was the 11th times JFC was celebrated since 2003. With the theme “Extremagination” of this year, JFC was attended by thousands medias and photographers from all over the world, and lots of people join in this carnival to see how beautiful costumes and talent’s performances rock the road with kinds of themes such as Persian, Dragon, and Oceanarium. This was the day when poor people became rich, dark became white, or even, the man became a woman. The opportunity to become ‘someone else’ was the reason why this event is very, very unique and should be attended.

Personally, for us, it was very awesome for been there. Woke up at 2 AM, chasing the bus, and fight the sleepiness brought us a very memorable moment when we saw this wonderful event, met lots of new people, even got friendship by mingling with other travelers. Yeah, this is why carnival always be the long-awaited event, because they spread happiness to all the people. Indonesia should be really proud of this event. And we felt it. How lucky we are!

Special thanks to @TravellerKaskus and @BPC_Jogja (Mawski, Zacky, Delly, Eka, Donny) for the help, wonderful dawn trip, and silly chit chat. See you later! 😀

Visit Jember Fashion Carnaval Website For More Information


  1. The 12th Jember Fashion Carnaval 2013 will be held in three days…. It will be the most spectacular carnival in Indonesia

    • August 23rd ’till 25th 2013…. hope you’ll enjoy the carnival. Please, bring your DSLR, n register your self in carnival’s website (www.jemberfashioncarnaval.com) to get a photograher/press ID card for free.

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