Levitation in Merdeka Walk

Our Route from Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson, Malacca

During  a 6 days event in Malaysia, 40 partcipants from 10 ASEAN countries were having a really fun trip accross the country. ASEAN MEDIA Bloggers Tourism Hunt 2015, a program designed and created by Tourism Malaysia to promote a new way and exciting experience visiting tremendous places in Malaysia as a tourist destination and also to promote Malaysia as self-drive holiday destination.

A day before starting the hunt, we spent fabulous night celebrating CITRAWARNA FESTIVAL, an annual music and performing art festival held in LAPANGAN MERDEKA and it’s a part of Malaysia Endless Celebration program. It was hard to only sit on distance watching the show, then I decided to go off the seat and went back stage. Look, what I’ve got and captured! I didn’t even blink my eye to get this colourful moment,  wouldn’t let my shutter button off for sure!

I knew there will be an enermous fireworks after the show, Indonesian were off the field and went to a distance to wait that moment. While waiting Fireworks thrown into the air, I got an idea when I found an intersection. I told my friend to stand right in front of the traffic lights and start jumping! Well, he was jumping but I was capturing him levitating, it was awesome because we tried multiple times to get the best photo, and once we finished, the big Booommmm was on the air, the Fireworks!!! Lucky me, I recorded the last part of it, full of lights, crowds and clappings.


We started the hunt from Kuala Lumpur to our first check point in Putrajaya. We? Yeahhh, I was on a Proton car with my partner Efenerr. I was the navigator during the hunt and he was the driver. The Minister Minister of Tourism and Culture YB Dato’ Seri Mohmed Nazri Abdul Aziz kicked off the flag to start the hunt. There were some checkpoints we had to stop the car and finished the challanges.

Indonesian team! #MalaysiaTourismHunt2015 #GrandBeachResortPD #SeeMalaysiaWithProton #Proton #PutraJaya

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Our first stop was in Putrajaya then straight away to Port Dickson to second challange before arriving to the last Destination and our final challange in Malacca. Trust me, you shouldn’t miss what we’ve experienced when you come to these places. Go challange your self to race with the Ostrich when you come to Port Dickson and save your camera battery in Malacca, gorgeous every angle!

Asean runner againts the Ostrich! #MalaysiaTourismHunt2015 #SeeMalaysiaWithProton #GrandBeachResortPD #Malaysia

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What I did? I was taking many levitation photos from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca. I just loved places I visited, moments I got, delightful friends I met, and experinces I gained. It was a hunt, but for me it’s not a hunting race for a prize but a hunt for myself to meet new 39 friends from 10 ASEAN countries from different languages, tribes, faiths, and backgrounds.

Cheers everyone! Lovely friends at Jonker Walk. #MalaysiaTourismHunt2015 #SeeMalaysiaWithProton #GrandBeachResortPD

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I’m gonna miss this country and friends I met, see you soon guys on my next trip around ASEAN next year! Meet me in the border!

Lovely night at Malacca River #MalaysiaTourismHunt2015 #SeeMalaysiaWithProton #GrandBeachResortPD #Malacca #Malaysia

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