New Year 2017

New Year 2017. Finally, I can place my fingers on my PC’s keyboard and write again after a quite long hibernation. I can’t even remember when did the last time I write, but things for sure I’d love to start and share again now every single day! Oh . . . Really??? Well, it’s time to challenge myself and might be one of the ways to remember the life I live.

As the new sun (still the same sun probably) arises and shine my growing grass front yard (I don’t even care), I take my seat and start rolling the cyberspace inside my cute tiny room (name it after spotting here) and typing!

Too many stories to be told and unfold back in 2016. I had no time to share, but last night when the clockwise hit 10.14 PM, I was wondering where to spend The New Year’s Eve 2017. I asked few friends, some of them celebrating with dancing noisy and colorful (free show) fireworks in town, few of them went praying to a church and mosque, another decided to sleep, while my future adventuring partner took his early stage sailing across the sea for 5 days and hit the port of Sorong this morning. The funniest thing was one of them counting down by squatting on the toilet! Weird but memorable!

“New year is a day, to tune the rhythm called SOUL, with best chords called EXPERIENCES and play the guitar called LIFE.” – Vikrmn

Many ways to find happiness and there are a million ways to spend your New Year. When you can connect your life to others and bridging your soul and life to be lived.

Myself playing the guitar inside the coffee shop


I decided to take 10 minutes walking to a coffee shop nearby and ordered a cup of black coffee and dive the taste. Exciting, yet I was alone but not being lonely since Manchester United were on the TV against Middlesbrough, surprisingly United won on their last minute attempt 5 minutes before the final whistle, a great come back! As I stood up with fellow United fans celebrating the victory, celebrating the Sir Alex Ferguson’s 75th birthday, Fergie time on Fergie birthday, who would have thought it!

“Happiness only real when shared.” – Christopher McCandles

The New Year was only minutes away. Where and what did I do? I played chess along the year from 2016 to 2017 with few friends in the coffee shop waiting the shining sun and blue sky welcoming the new year! Happy New Year 2017, I wish you all a happy life further and don’t forget to share your smile, it makes everyone’s day who need it.

You don’t need to spend millions to find luxury, share your stories, lend your ears to anyone, that’s the real luxury in life.

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