Parangloe is the name of a waterfall located in Gowa with a very neat stone structure. Parangloe is one of the most amazing and beautiful waterfall in South Sulawesi. The waterfall has 30 meters high and it has a very great shape, it seems like a human construction but it was God creation!

Many people said that Parangloe Waterfall is the most amazing and beautiful waterfall that ever exists in South Sulawesi. The irregular rock compositions made a great nature architect and resemble a giant stairs. There is also a shallow pool just under the fallin’ water! You can go hike to the upper waterfall if you’re so adventurous through the left side, but watch your step, swift water and slippery rocks! Or, you can walk spin to the right side to see the river just above the waterfall, but it takes longer time with easier track!

To reach this place you can ride your bike, drive your car, or hitchhike to the east of Makassar city head to Malino about 45 km (2 hours) and stop right in front the Forestry office nears the location. From there you can walk 30 minutes or ride/drive your car/bike! But riding your bike or driving your car will take risk, the track is so hard with big stone and can damage your vehicle, but you can try it if motocross or car cruisers are with you! Stop your car/bike then walk down 15 minutes, and welcome to the paradise!

To remind you, this place is not a public tourism area, no facilitation and no guards except forestry officer near the entrance 2 km behind! Be careful with the sudden deluge that possible happen in certain time! Only few people know about this location, the students and the local nature lovers who used to do the activities in this place. Overall, Parangloe Waterfall stills the best waterfall for us!


[tabs style=”2″]
[tab title=”Why should be there?“]Parangloe Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in South Sulawesi with unique rocks compositions![/tab]
[tab title=”Where?“]Parangloe Waterfall is in Gowa regency and it takes 2 hours trip to the east of Makassar city[/tab]
[tab title=”When to visit?“]The best time to visit is in dry season to avoid water deluge.[/tab]
[tab title=”What to do?“]

  • Swimming
  • Trekking
  • Photograph
  • Short camping front the waterfall
  • Hiking

[tab title=” How to get there?“]

  • Flights from every city in Indonesia directly to Makassar.
  • Head to Malino from Makassar about 2 hours and stop in front the Forestry office located near Bili – Bili dam.

[tab title=”How much to spend?“]Rent car: IDR. 350.000/day[/tab]



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