A magical lake full of myth.
A magical lake full of myth.

It is not a real story about having a roller coaster ride to an active volcano. Instead of the insanity and impossibility which only shown in the animated and science-fictions movies, this story is about having an adrenaline trip to a new place with full of tensions! A fearless trip getting closer to an active volcano in Indonesia, Mount Sinabung.

What’s the real story?

Local People in Berastagi
Local People in Berastagi

Back in March 2013, I and a friend of mine were having a trip to one of the top visited places in North Sumatera, Berastagi. Or, let’s just called it “Ring of Fire’s Highland”, a land with two active volcanos as it’s sky wall, Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung.

The dusk was falling rapidly, the sun was below the horizon, it was a twilight! We were waiting almost an hour, we needed an angkot to drive us to Lau Kawar, a beautiful misty lake where most of the Indonesian mountaineers named it Mount Sinabung’s Basecamp, too many mythical stories too!


Roller Coaster Ride to the Active Volcano
Roller Coaster Ride to the Active Volcano

After an hour waiting, finally we got a ride, but an overloaded one! Instead of having a comfort seat inside the angkot, we sat at the hard top! No safety belts, only a cylinder iron to hold, and a pray to recite in silence! The wind slapped my face, the fear gave more tensions, but a girl gave me more joy to feel! Ha Ha Ha . . .

The best part?

Along the way, I saw a fertile and green farmland. The winding road with hilly variations made our ride like a roller coaster, an adrenaline ride! The best part was a view of a magical active volcano of Mount Sinabung in distance, symmetrically shaped with volcanic ash covering the peak. Mission accomplished, I never expected to experience such an insane ride to cool off.

Mount Sinabung
Active Volcano, The View of Mount Sinabung. Copyright Sutanta Aditya/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Another reason to finally write this . . .

Midnight before taking off to a dream world, I watched a short video in Janatan’s Instagram stories. I noticed the mini bus he rode and the roller coaster ride he recorded, reminded me a memory. It was not due to chance, he was born and raised in a village called Kabanjahe which I rode through his homeland.

Don’t even try to have a roller coaster ride, it against the Indonesian law. Unless urgent! Ha Ha Ha . . .


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