Tana Beru in South Sulawesi might be the only one place in the world which still produces traditional ship until today. When all of traditional ships industries in the world aren’t exist anymore because they aren’t able to compete with modern ships which evolve day by day, Phinisi – name of the ship they produce –  successfully become one of the most luxury wood ship in the world. Buginese is a rate which known as the master of mariner and build that ship. History wrote that Buginese sailed across Indonesia since 14th century, even in 1986 Phinisi successfully sailed from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, across Pacific Ocean to Vancouver, Canada.

I (Jenny) remember exactly when I was a kid my father told me the story about Noah, how he made a big ark by himself to save his family and animals from flood. What a great story it is, and how great that ship. But as I grew up and I know about Phinisi, I realize that a great ship isn’t just a fairy tale. It’s real as you can find in Tana Beru, where the great ship of Phinisi was made.

So, what cause Phinisi so famous all over the world? Besides of the ship was made from wood, it’s also because the process of how they build that ship. Who would have though that Phinisi was made without design or blue print? Or they don’t use nails to connect the wood in the hull? Yes, Buginese make Phinisi rely solely on instinct and experience. They believe that the skill to make a great ship which from God will never make harm to them. All of the process to built Phinisi done by human skill without the aid of machine to finish it. This is the reason why it takes time even a year only to finish one Phinisi. What about the price? No half-hearted, for 15 meters of Phinisi they sell about US$ 150.000 and for 45 meters of Phinisi they even ask the price for US$ 400.000! That’s why Phinisi become so unique from other luxury ship and makes lots of people from other country, such as Japan, Italy, even USA, come to Tana Beru and requested to be made of this great ship.

In this modern era, Phinisi also constantly improve with the times. When Phinisi is just a cargo ship in past, now it already become a five star cruise ship. The most popular one is Silolona Boat, a Phinisi which was made in 2004 and known as the best Phinisi that have ever built. Silolona Boat offer many shipping routes, such as Raja Ampat (Papua)-Komodo Island-Sea of Banda. This famous cruise ship successfully bring high-class tourist from all over the world come to Indonesia to feel the pleasure of sailing with luxury ship but in traditional way.

So that’s Phinisi, who sailed to hunt the wind, become masterpiece of Indonesia to the world. Even modern ship always produce now, but nothing could beats how peace you feel when the wind blows your hair on your sailed experience. That’s what our ancestors became so proud of.

In the end, there’s no other reason for not sailed, right? To the sea, captain!

[tabs style=”2″]
[tab title=”Why should be there?“]Tana Beru is the only one place in the world where still produce traditional ship which known as Phinisi. All of the ship was made from wood and the process to build it is manual by human without any machine.[/tab]
[tab title=”Where?“]Tana Beru placed in Kelurahan Tana Beru, Kecamatan Bontobahari, Kabupaten Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It takes about 176 kilometers from Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi.[/tab]
[tab title=”When to visit?“]They produce ships year around so anytime you can visit the place. Wish you luck to attend at the best moment when a Phinisi already finish and Buginese ready to push the ship to the sea![/tab]
[tab title=”What to do?“]

  • See how Buginese made the great of Phinisi in traditional way.
  • Compare your trip to visit Bira Beach with its beautiful white sand which not far from Tana Beru.

[tab title=”How to get there?“]

  • Flight from Jakarta to Makassar which takes 2 hours, from Bali to Makassar takes about 1 hour.
  • Take a Panther, Kijang, or Innova at Terminal Malengkeri in Makassar to Bira Beach and ask the driver to stop at Tana Beru during on your way. It takes about 5 – 6 hours.
  • If you’re stay at Bira Beach you can rent motorcycle and go to Tana Beru. It’s about 5 kilometers and takes about 20 minutes riding.

[tab title=”How much to spend?“]

  • Flight cost from Jakarta ± IDR. 600.000, Flight from Bali ±  IDR. 500.000, Flight from Surabaya ±  IDR. 350.000
  • Car from Terminal Malengkeri directly to Bira Beach: IDR. 50.000,-/seat
  • Car from Bira Beach back to Makassar: IDR. 50.000,-/seat
  • Motorcycle rent: IDR. 50.000,-/day (manual); IDR. 60.000,-/day (matic)


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