Ijen Crater Blue Fire
Ijen Crater, Blue Fire

Over hundred active volcano become a mystery within over thousand Islands in Indonesia. Erupting higher, leaving a smoky haze in the sky and dangerous gas in the air in only seconds. A volcano shows their anger, many people suffer and can make a really long nightmare for them. But, a beauty hides behind the beast of the nature. A scary feeling will be no more when the beauty comes to your eyes, touches your heart, opens your mind, and forces your mouth to say not only a word but sentences “Beautiful, I Love This, I really Do!”

With hundred active volcano that separated in several Islands in Indonesia, a magnificent one stands in the East of Java, it’s the heart of active volcano, it’s the beauty within the beast, it’s Kawah Ijen in Banyuwangi!

Ijen Crater “Kawah Ijen” exactly located in the border of two regencies in East Java Provinces. It located between the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso regency. The crater is located 2700 meters above sea level. It has the most acidic crater in the world which seen in green from distance and of course still erupted!

You will also find a sulfur miner in Ijen Crater. This might be the only place in the world where sulfur are manually excavated by human muscles using a handmade basket. Everyday is a challenge for the miners. They spend hours to carry the heavy sulfur “Around 60 kg’s” on their shoulder return way from bottom to the up of the crater on foot! Yes, on foot! They also works everyday with a smoky sulfur gas to earn money for the family.

Getting Closer To Ijen Crater | Photo by Fotosintesa.comIjen Handmade Basket | Photo by Fotosintesa.comSulfur Miner Ijen | Photo by Fotosintesa.comThe best view for a sunny day where acidic water of the crater, sulfur miner and great landscapes collided. What about night? I would say, it’s insanely more  beautiful! Really awesome! Why? Imagine a thousand stars above your head when you turn your face inches above! What would you say when a Milky Way paint your night in Ijen Crater! When you down your face inches to the crater, you will find torch, toxic smoke, and of course the eternal blue flame. A really awesome show at night.

The Ethernal Blue Fame of Kawah IjenEternal Blue Flame? Have you ever seen that before? Most of us will say “Yes”. But we only see blue fire in the gas stove in our kitchen, don’t we? What about to see it in the nature? Yes, you will only fine the magnificent Blue Fire in Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi. The only one in South East Asia and only two in the World, Indonesia and Islandia!

Once you visit Indonesia, make Banyuwangi as your main destination and capture your moment, enjoy the beauty, challenge your self by hiking to the crater, and please your heart to have an interaction with the local miners.

Beauties in Ijen Crater | Photo by Fotosintesa.comThings that you’re willing to find out is there, somethings that make you wondering where you can find a place that show to you the whole things, answering your question and breaking out your curiosity? It’s in Ijen Crater of course! You wouldn’t lie your self  to say “I Love Ijen, I Love Banyuwangi, and I LOVE INDONESIA” after visiting this place.

Saint Augustine said “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only page”

So, let’s go travel and explore Banyuwangi, it’s not only a page, it’s a chapter of the book! Happy Traveling ^_^


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